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Shah Maqsood 31.15ct

WEIGHT: 31.15ct.
MEASURES : L23.65_W17.23_H10.07

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SKU: Shah Maqsood 111-101
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Shah Maqsood Stone, Green Hijrul Shams stone

شاہ مقصود سٹون، سبز حجر الشمس سٹون

Shah Maghsood (/Sha Maqsood/) Heart “The stone of spiritual growth and helps to bring to conscious awareness” Shah Maghsood so clears the heart chakra and eliminates negative emotions including fear, guilt, anger and blame with a gentle loving energy.

Shah Maqsood (Maksud)prayer beads are typically from Afghanistan. The older ones are a little morerefined and desirable. When buying from an Afghan dealer, considerable “horsetrading” is usually involved for various strands.

And the generalized points ofview pertain to the attributes related to age, sizes of the beads and moreimportantly to the colors. Small beads are preferred by women and generally arepreferred for the long 99-bead strands.

It makes the whole strand lighter andmore portable. In the Islamic traditions, the color green is revered for itsallegorical representation of “Paradise,” like an oasis, of green lush wateryenvironment (as opposed to the oppressive dessert in which the religiondeveloped.)

Thus, the hues of green are reserved for use to adorn the prayerniches (mihrab) in Mosques or fine prayer rugs.

Many book bindings are made ofgreen gilt leather, and the finely silk woven green tomb covers, usuallyadorned with calligraphy come to mind. Some of the most famous architecturalmonuments in Islam, mostly Mosques, have walls and domes decorated with greentiles.

The hues of green in these Shah Maqsood beads determine the price morethan any of the other attributes.

The greenish colored beads have specialreligious significance for the more devout users, and are more “precious” forthem. I do not know the stone’s mineral name and various sources have given anygreen stone the Shah Maksud name.

Green colors of agate, tourmaline, chrysoprase, chrysolite,jade and nephrite are some. Shah Maksud (also known as Shab Maqsud, Shah Maksoud,Shah Maqsud) is a range of mountains in the Kandaharprovince of Afghanistan.

I do not know whether thestone or mineral is only indigenous to the region or the beads are made there.

Shah Maqsood Stone, Green Hijrul Shams stone

شاہ مقصود سٹون، سبز حجر الشمس سٹون

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