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Tiger Eye 19.15ct

WEIGHT: 19.15 ct.
MEASURES : 21.97×15.40×6.74

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SKU: Tiger Eye 1202
Category: Tiger's eye
Tags: Tiger, Tiger gemstone, Tiger stone

Tiger Stone, Tiger Black Stone

ٹائیگر سٹون، کالا ٹائیگر سٹون

Tiger stone brings so Happiness and peace are said to follow the wearer of a tiger’s eye stone. Apart from that. It is believed that this gem can also keep your mind calm, enhance the wearer’s creativity, and help them stay focused. Because of those reasons, the demand for this gemstone is always considerable.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Tiger’s stone

The properties of this crystal will help you live so more boldly, take on life more bravely, and attack challenges more fiercely. It’s got your back and is a wonderful way to overcome fear and take more risks in all areas of life.

The healing properties inherent in Tiger’s Eye are from solar and terrestrial elements combining. This means it is as inspiring as it is grounding. Its appearance matches its so powerful energy just as it resembles the solitary cat it is named after.

Its audacious coloration is as decisive as its healing properties are. This allows Tiger’s Eye to balance negative emotional states and create positive mental adjustments.

Tiger’s Eye is an amazing fortifier of the blood and exceptional at balancing out the endocrine system. For those who tend to feel a little sluggish or soaked in lethargy, the Tiger Eye stone can use its fiery golden-brown chi to stir the pot and awaken motivation. Higher energy, a speedier metabolism, and a softer sex-drive all help the hormones to fall into alignment, effectively bringing personal biochemistry back to the best level. For those who suffer from seasonal depression, the warm-blooded stone also holds the heat of the sun, helping to alleviate the weight of dark and dreary days.

Tiger’s Eye can help to heal plenty of various relationships. Not only can it aid in positively overcoming low confidence to strengthen relationships with the self, but it can lend a hand when it comes to tricky emotional ties to finances and money.

Tiger Stone, Tiger Black Stone

ٹائیگر سٹون، کالا ٹائیگر سٹون

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