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Amber 1.75ct

WEIGHT: 1.75 ct.
MEASURES : L11.54_W9.36_H3.91

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SKU: Amb 441-1213
Category: Amber
Tags: ambar, ambar gemstone, ambar stone

Amber Stone

عنبر سٹون

Amber is the hardened resin of ancient pine trees. This organic substance is most well-known for the incredible inclusions of insects that can be found within it. People have been making amber jewelry for over 10,000 years, which could make it the first gem material ever used.

The amber gemstone is a radiant and highly popular gem, often making its way into collections and jewelry pieces. Its warm glow brings smiles to the faces of many, and its striking appearance helps it stand out as an accessory.

While many people are aware of amber, not everyone chooses to learn more about its origins, properties, uses, and meanings. If you’re curious about amber gemstones, here’s what you need to know.

Amber Properties: What Exactly Is Amber?

Amber isn’t a mineral gemstone like most other gems used in jewelry or for similar ornamental purposes. Instead, amber is hardened tree resin. As the resin hardens, it ends up with gem-like qualities, maintaining its form and polishing nicely.

Is Amber a Real Gemstone?

As mentioned above, amber isn’t a mineral-based gemstone. Instead, it’s generally considered an organic gem due to its composition. Amber is created when pine tree resin hardens, giving it a stone-like consistency. It’s real in that it’s naturally occurring, though it’s not stone in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s more classically considered a fossil or an organic gem.

Does Amber Have Healing Properties?

We believe so. Amber is widely believed to have certain healing properties, and has been used in natural medicine since ancient times in a variety of cultures.

Baltic Amber in particular is thought of as a great healer, cleanser and transformer. It contains high levels of a substance called succinct acid –  considered a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Research has shown that this stone contains many valuable micro nutrients: silicon.

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