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Emerald 130ct 33 beads

Beads: 33
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Category: Tasbeeh
Tags: ruby, ruby gemstone, ruby stone

Emerald Tasbeeh

زمرد تسبیح

Health benefits of wearing Panna/ Emerald gemstone

  1. The Emerald Stone’s primary advantages are that it strengthens your immune system and supports overall health.
  2. People who have allergies and respiratory issues benefit from wearing this stone.
  3. It is believed to treat eye issues, paralysis, hypertension, meningitis, nerve issues, stomach, breast, and other types of cancer when worn alongside other compatible gemstones.
  4. When wearing this stone, it is claimed that digestive issues including gastritis, diarrhea, and dysentery are said to develop less frequently.
  5. Emerald/ Panna is widely recognized for its healing properties. People with allergies, skin conditions, respiratory problems, and nervous system issues can benefit from it quite a bit. It is regarded as a miracle stone for those who have speech issues.
However, rather than only depending on gemstone therapy, a person with any of the aforementioned health issues must seek medical attention.

 Intellectual and creative benefits of Panna/ Emerald gemstone


    • One can greatly increase their IQ by wearing this Stone. Quick and accurate decisions, organized thoughts, efficiency in work or business, improved learning capacity, and the ability to relate to diverse concepts and think creatively are the Panna stone’s most notable benefits.
    • Students benefit from Panna since it increases their intelligence. Even weak students have witnessed significant academic improvements after wearing this Gemstone.  Their capacity for comprehension has greatly increased, and they have performed brilliantly on exams as a result.
    • For those who struggle to focus on one task at a time, the stone is a godsend.
    • It has amazing healing properties. It strengthens focus and prevents the mind from straying from one thing to another.
    • This stone can perform miracles for individuals who struggle with their speech or who become tense too frequently for no apparent cause. Speech is one area where intelligence plays a significant role, and this Gemstone is known to boost one’s mind and intelligence.
    • It enables you to express yourself more clearly verbally and in writing.
    • It can enhance a person’s innate creative abilities. The native will be able to think creatively and introduce new concepts in a way that amazes their audience. It allows one to tap into their untapped creative potential.
    • Your mind gets better, sharper, and more concentrated as a result of wearing this stone. It speeds up the thought process, and improves your ability to organize and manage information, clears away mental clutter, and delusions.

    Emerald Tasbeeh

    زمرد تسبیح

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