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Hadeed 16.60ct

WEIGHT: 16.60ct.
MEASURES : 19.50×14.15×5.32

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SKU: Hadeed 1201
Category: Hadeed
Tags: hadeed, hadeed stone, sang e hadeed

Sang e Hadeed Stone, Black Sang e Hadeed Stone

سنگ حدید سٹون، کالا سنگ حدید سٹون

Sange Hadeed stone Benefits

People use it to improve their circulation, reduce high blood pressure, reduce clots and even slow heavy menstrual periods. On the more metaphysical side, hematite is used to improve your ability to stand so strong, giving you more courage and willpower.

When utilised with a feng shui goal, hematite is a natural stone that helps to balance and encourage the healing of your body and house. Sang e Hadeed stone absorbs and protects from any bad vibes in your house by the dark colour. It’s also an anchoring and stabilising chakra because it has linking to the root chakra.

Hematite is a common stone that you may utilise it to improve your home’s feng shui. This stone’s properties can help you find better balance and so support your body, mind, and soul.
Moreover, the health benefits of hematite are no longer a secret; they can help you live longer, stay stronger, and enjoy a better life. However, how you use your hematite gemstone as a healing energy instrument will have a big impact on how effectively it works for your physical and mental health.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Good for circulation
  • Helps with blood pressure and heavy periods

With a rich past and a high iron content that has long kept Hematite connected to the blood, it comes as no surprise that Hematite is considered to be one of the so best stones for amping up healthy circulation in the body. If you have high blood pressure, clots, heavy periods, or any kind of health issue connected with blood flow, this is a stone you need in your life. Hematite keeps your tissue in tip-top shape, it makes sure you can properly absorb all your nutrients, and it detoxifies the body (along with the mind and soul).

Sange Hadeed Stone, Black Sange Hadeed Stone

سنگ حدید سٹون، کالا سنگ حدید سٹون

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