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Yellow Agate 11.90ct

WEIGHT: 11.90 ct.
MEASURES : 26.20 x 13.13 x 3.82

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SKU: Ag 100286
Category: Agate
Tags: aqeeq e chasham, eye agate, eye agate stone

Yellow Agate /Aqeeq

العقیق زرد

Agate stone ring benefit is that it creates joy in the heart, is good for eyesight and it helps illuminate sadness and anger. It is also revered in other religious and has been in use from the time of Adam. It so absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body and is good for health.

Gemstones are so precious stones that stimulate the flow of energy or chi of your body. One such gemstone is Sulemani Hakik.

Aqeeq or agate is a semi-precious opaque gemstone which is used as a healing stone. It is used as a fortune-teller stone. The wearer of this stone is charged with positive energy and satisfaction.

The word ‘Agate’ is derived from the Greek river Achates which flows in Sicily. Greek philosophers discovered it three centuries ago. In ancient times, it was known as the soldier’s stone and was also used in Egyptian talismans.

Aqeeq stone benefits

Agate stone ring is available in various colours such as red, black, milky, grey, blue, pink, green and brown. The quality of the hakik is determined by its size, weight and colour. A bright coloured or multi-coloured Sulemani indicates high quality.

This stone renders the wearer internal quietude and so strength, which is beneficial in fighting stress. It helps in maintaining contact with divine forces and enkindling spiritual awareness.

Black hakik maala is worn by many and is so believed to be one of the most powerful protection stone. It can clear the root chakra as it is closely associated with the tailbone which is the root chakra. It also removes fears and anxiety and helps to deal with uncontrollable emotions.

It is often worn by people stay protected from dark plots fabricated by rivals or ill-wishers.

Yellow Agate /Aqeeq

العقیق زرد


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